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1914 - Orchestral/Choral


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Words and Lyrics by Ward Baker

"And when the darkest days are done, we look for hope with each new sun,
And with the dawn new life is born, fresh hopes will shelter from the storm.
Knowing the cause of all the Great Wars, Children still cry, asking 'why?'
Peace and love begin to grow, spreading calm the world may know.
Though the doubts may still be found and the deeds of men astound.
Is the roar for a war once more still there?
We forget, we regret, do we yet still care?
Requiem aeternam, dona eis Domine, et lux perpetua.
Luceat eis, Requiem.
We sing with pride for those who died and for those alone who wait at home.
No matter where we're from, no matter where we go,
We must not forget our feelings of regret.”

A Hand for Heroes


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